All brides will most likely be able to list off mistakes to avoid that they unfortunately made while planning their own wedding.  At One Fine Day Events, we’re here to help your wedding planning be as regret-free as possible.  That being said, we talked to recent brides and did many searches to find what seem to be the top 3 wedding planning mistakes recent brides say they had made, so that you can avoid them!

#1: Skipping a Wedding Videographer

Completely understandable that a Videographer does not seem to be a necessity when managing what’s left in your budget, especially when seeing how much you are already putting towards photographers.  However, there is only so much a picture can say.  Videographers capture so much more, and a recent trend is even for videographers to put together a 5-minute video clip.  This includes bits of pieces of the whole day, seeing the behind-the-scene nerves of the Bride and Groom before the ceremony, all the love at the ceremony, and all the friends and family having fun at the reception.  This is something everyone will be sure to enjoy watching! There is so much to be seen and felt throughout the productions videographers come up with today, that even watching one a few weeks ago of a Bride and Groom I barely even knew gave me chills! Side note: twice in the past month I’ve seen two recent brides I’m Facebook friends with post how happy they are that they decided to end up hiring a videographer!

#2: Talking Too Much Wedding

Of course all you are going to want to talk about is the new centerpiece or latest idea you have for your reception to anyone who wants to listen—but try to be selective! Limiting who you tell all the details to will make the night have more of a “wow factor” for everyone.  Also, people tend to get caught up in their own opinions and forget whose day the wedding actually is.  Who cares if your cousin’s sister’s best friend doesn’t like your floral arrangements?! It’s YOUR wedding, you don’t need to let others negative thoughts flood your mind and make you teeter.  One last reason to avoid too much talking: copycats! No one likes them, and even if they did have the idea first, you are going to of course think they stole your idea when you go to their wedding a month before yours.  Mainly, keeping your wedding details hush-hushed will cause less stress, irritations and worry for you and your big day.

#3 Speeding Through Photos

Many Brides stick photography time in when they think and hope there will be opportunities, but believe us when we say it is better to have time left over than not enough time to give.  The first photos rarely are the best, and I don’t think I only speak for myself when I say forced and rushed photos of myself are never the charmers.  You are going to want to be relaxed during the photos, not worried and rushed. If you and your groom aren’t seeing each other before the ceremony, use that time to take individual shots.  This way there will be more time for group and couple’s after the ceremony.  More time = more tries = more winners!

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