3 Tips for Involving the Groom in Wedding Planning

Getting your groom to be involved in the wedding planning can get frustrating, however, there are ways to make it easy and even fun.  Being subtle and not making the planning look like forced work is the best way approach the situation.  The whole process of the wedding, yes even the planning, should create happy memories.  You can be on your way to making them by following these quick tips for involving your groom in the planning process!

#1: Designate

When the planning becomes an overload of questions and complaints, things can get frustrating and overwhelming.  Designating a weekly wedding night is a fun way to get all your questions and concerns covered without asking them all day or every day.  A weekly wedding night can be as simple as dinner and drinks out or in, just as long as its time together where you are both willing and ready to talk wedding.

Play on your groom’s interests.  Rather than asking him to research cute floral arrangements, designate him specific tasks to look into that will interest him.  Music, food, grooms-men attire and reception fun are just a few ideas that your groom will most likely want to place his opinion and ideas.

#2: Make It A Date

Similar to the idea of designating a weekly wedding night, wedding decisions and conversations do not need to be made in a stressful and strictly business atmosphere.  Making a date out of it is a good way to have a good time and make memories, all while still making decisions.

Suggest that you each research bands and/or local DJ’s for the reception.  You can find out when they play locally and make a date night out of hearing them.  Even getting out and writing down the songs you both get excited to hear is a good way to have fun yet still get things done; just keep the list and put it towards the reception playlist.

Testing out foods and cakes is another important wedding planning aspect that can be turned into a date.  Dress up and make a day out of it all! Spending this time together will be sure to get decisions and memories made together.

#3: Talk It Out

Just because your groom may not be by your side at every planning appointment doesn’t mean he still can’t be involved.  Showing photograph’s of different ideas and/or things you have in mind or have seen at an appointment is a good way to get your groom’s view on it all. The wedding is both of your guys’ day, so it should reflect things that you both like. Discussing themes and making an inspiration board out of photographs one night together is a good way to make sure your wedding is reflecting both of your tastes.

Topics your man will be sure to want his opinion weighed in are: grooms-men attire, reception ideas, color schemes, honeymoon destinations and table themes – just to name a few!

-Avoid stress by involving your groom in these easy and non-overwhelming ways!

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