Why a Wedding Rehearsal?

When planning, some couples question the importance of having a wedding rehearsal and whether or not they should add extra stress to their schedules by planning another night.  All in all, though, a wedding rehearsal is a great opportunity to lessen your stress levels on the big day.

The basic idea of a wedding rehearsal is to get a chance to work out any kinks in the ceremony and to get to spend some extra time with those closest to you.  Here is a list of the main things a rehearsal should accomplish.

1.  Full Run Through of Ceremony

Recessional, processional and ceremony should all get covered at the rehearsal.  This offers a chance for everyone involved in the wedding to work out their nerves and know exactly where and when to walk along with where to stand.  Entries and exits should be discussed, along with the music played.  This way, you can make sure the music fits and the wedding party can make note of musical cues.

2.  Last Minute Details

Now is the time to make sure the officiate knows any of your requests, the wedding party knows when and where to arrive, switch anything about the ceremony that isn’t sitting right with you, etc.

3. Toast, Thank, Share

The rehearsal dinner provides a time for your wedding party and closest relatives and friends to come together.  You will be less stressed at the rehearsal and have more time on your hands to talk to and spend time with those that mean so much to you during this time.  Now is a time to thank your loved ones for all their help and for being a part of your big day, make a small toast and to enjoy the company.  Rehearsal dinners are also an appropriate time and good setting to pass out wedding party gifts.

In these ways, a wedding rehearsal is a relaxed setting to enjoy your company at such a memorable time while helping everyone see the “big picture” of what your ceremony will be.



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