7 Must Have Items For Your Bridal Emergency Kit

Zippers could stick, buttons could break, and hair could go wild.. I make it a point to have on hand everything you could possibly need to allow me to handle any last minute situation.  But chances are, you will want to prepare your own wedding-saving kit.  Here’s what you will need, and only a few reasons why you might need them:

1.  Sewing Kit: You never know when someone might loose a button or rip a seam!  And don’t forget the mini scissors – there’s always something that needs cutting, weather it be a loose thread or the price tag left on a dress or accessory.

2. Super Glue: I once saw a bridesmaid break her heel right before the ceremony — super glue came in reeeeeally handy.

3. Pins, Pins, and More Pin:. A single pin works wonders! Bobby pins will tame wild locks of hair.  Extra corsage pins will keep your groomsmen looking schnazzy.  Safety pins – they can prevent a multitude of dramas.  The pin, safety or non-, is by far one of the most versatile object ever invented! If your strap breaks, it saves the day; if one of your groomsmen loses a button, it saves the day; if the flower on your groom doesn’t want to stay on, it saves the day! No need to say more? Make sure you have an assortment of these must haves in your emergency kit!

4.  Pain Relievers and Other Medications: Allergy and stomach remedies are essentials for any bride. It is better to be prepared in case you get a headache or your allergies act up that your not sneezing during your vows.

5.  A Stain Remover: Don’t let a stain or spot on your dress ruin your entire day. Seamstress chalk is ideal for covering up any minor imperfections. For wine stains, first dab the dress with a wet cloth (never rub!) and cover the remains with the chalk. Baby powder is another great option for covering grease, lipstick or ink stains.

6. Touchup Kit: Packing extra makeup and a compact mirror in your clutch will help you keep that glowing bride look all day long. There are sure to be tears, so don’t forget tissues too! To save space, look for sample sizes of your favorite products & include a few blotting tissues to help you get rid of any unwanted shine.

7. Perfume and Sprays: Keep yourself looking and feeling fresh all day by packing travel sized bottles of your favorite perfume. Travel sized hairspray will help keep everything in place and of course you don’t want to forget a mini bottle of deodorant. And while a little antiperspirant can’t calm your nerves, if you spray it on your (or your groom’s) palms, it can help cure any sweaty palms before the ceremony and prevent any mishaps while exchanging the rings.

So now you have packed all of the wedding day emergency kit essentials and still have room to spare. Why not add a few more items? When it comes to this important day, you can never be too prepared. Additional items you can add to your wedding day emergency kit include:

  • Clear finger nail polish – to stop any runs that may begin in your or your bridesmaids’ pantyhose. If however, you want to be 100% prepared, then bring a spare pare of hose.
  • Mints, travel sized mouthwash or travel sized toothbrush and tooth paste – to keep your breath minty fresh all day
  • Scotch, masking or double sided tape – whatever you think you may need
  • Needle & thread – to fix any last minute wardrobe emergencies that may arise. Just make sure you have thread to match the outfits of everyone in your bridal party from you and your groom, to the bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Travel sized comb – to tame any unruly tresses
  • Eye drops and/or spare contacts – to combat any eye irritation you or your husband-to-be may experience throughout the day
  • Lint roller – to keep your bridesmaids and groomsmen looking their best all day
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