5 Things Every Bride Should Do Before Planning A Wedding

Bling, Bling.. You Got the Ring! You’re engaged.. so now what?

Here are 5 things to help start you off on your exciting journey!

1.  Get ring sized and insured- Although you cant fathom even taking your ring off, as soon as you have it sized get it insured.
2.  Establish a budget!- After telling your parents the big news, start seeing if any family is willing to help. Put together a budget, with everything itemized. (Refer to our last blog which tells you a couple things a bride might forget when putting together a budget)
3.  Decide on a date- the date of the wedding can efftect the budget. In some cases having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday could save you some money.
4.  Hire a professional wedding planner- Professional wedding planners like One Fine Day Events have abundant knowledge of local wedding vendors. Planners can help save you time as well as money by recommending vendors that will fit into your budget and style.
5.  Come up with a guest list- Even if its a rough guest list, it will give you an idea of how much the recpetion would be.

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