5 Ways To Add “Something Blue” To Your Wedding

This tradition has been carried on for many years by brides, and over the years the ideas to incorporate something blue have gotten very crafty.  Below are 5 distinct ways to add that “Something Blue” to your wedding day.

1. Stitch It!

Stitch your wedding date or your initials in blue onto the lining of your dress for a personalized look to call your own!


2. Decals

Decals are an easy way to incorporate your something blue.  Just peel and apply a saying or date.  Add a little bling and you’ll be sparking from head to toe!


3.  Jewelry

Add a sparkly blue accessory. Even if your color theme for the wedding isn’t blue, a small touch of blue jewelry can help you carry on the tradition.


4.  Shoes

Shoes are a great way to add something blue.  Most wedding dresses will cover your shoes, but when the dress is lifted, they will definitely add a bold statement.

5. Garters

Blue garters are a perfect spot to carry the something blue…it won’t be seen but you’ll know you’ve kept with the classic wedding tradition.

How do you plan to add something blue to your wedding day?

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