How To Make A Candy Buffet

Candy buffets are a super sweet wedding trend and a great way of tying your wedding theme together!

In order to make your own buffet, here are some helpful hints to creating the perfect candy buffet:

  1. Theme. Tie in your wedding theme and make your overall display more memorable.  Use your wedding colors to inspire your candy selections.  Candy buffets with coordinated colors look much better than randomly colored candies.
  2. Purchase In Bulk! The key is to make sure you have enough candy for all your guests.  Check local stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club or purchase online.   Make sure you fill your containers all the way to the top and keep your wedding colors and theme in mind.
  3. Candy Scoops! There are a variety of scoops available..colored, wooden, metal, plastic, stainless steel..the list goes on! Select the style that compliments your overall look and purchase enough so that more than one person can easily access.  Guests can also use their hands to grab individually wrapped candies.
  4. Get the Baggies! You need some small paper bags, plastic bags, or both. The guests should be able to take the candy with them and even take some home.  Personalize the bags for a personal touch!
  5. Choose Your Candy Containers.  Glass is best and your buffet will be more appealing if your guests can see the candy. You can rent containers (check with your wedding planner, florist or rental shop) or you can purchase (check local dollar stores first!).
  6. Decorate Your Table. Bring your table to life by adding table linens, runners and decor that coordinates with your party’s overall theme.  Phone books under tablecloths give the containers height.  Personalize your table  by adding photos from your bridal or engagement session or childhood photos.
  7. Put Your Table Out In The Open! Position in an area that is easily accessible and noticeable.
  8. Enjoy!

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